Our story

FB Beretta snc was born in the heart of the Brianza in 1976, but in the first years of the 50s the older generations had already given birth to a small reality that would pay off over the years. With their passion and strong determination, the members of the FB Beretta succeed in reaching their goals: the creation of a leading company in the woodworking. In the 90s also the sons are involved in the company, who contribute to a new path: innovation and technology now support the skills of the master craftsmen. The production process becomes more flexible, personalized, and fast. Today, attention to detail, passion, and professionality still survive unchanged.


The company constantly invests time and resources to improve its know-how and offer the most accurate and advanced service. Every single project has different aesthetic and functional necessities. Our experience allows us to identify the most concrete and best solution to our customers’ requests. Each processing step is improved and personalized to ensure the highest standard.


del prodotto

FB Beretta

3D printing on a 1:1 scale

FB Beretta

Wooden prototype

FB Beretta

in serie

FB Beretta

Assembly and Packaging